Founded on the ethos of In Omnia Paratus - prepared for all challenges - the IEC Group of Institutions offers unique and well defined world-class technical and management education. Meeting new challenges of advance technology is our paramount objectives. In the world of cut throat competition, IEC Group of Institutions has achieved an incredible mark in technical education arena ever since its inception. It brings us great pleasure to share with you the journey of the success of the IEC Group over the last eleven years. The promoters of IEC Group of Institutions & professional IEC softwares background visualized this a decade ago and to address the need, Institution was established in 1999, with the prime objective of providing world-class technical and management education in tune with contemporary requirements. IEC may be perceived as follows: I: Industry Relevant Curriculum ; E: Education for Empowerment ; C: Career Oriented Approach The IEC Group has been working relentlessly towards providing the highest quality of professional education to students with the objective of equipping them for a global career. To make a great career a reality for every student, each and every aspect of student life has been evolved and developed. We have been succeeded in our relentless pursuit of excellence which can be evidenced in our remarkable growth from one institution to a group of five, giving us a large family of students, faculty members, support staff and industry heavyweights, all of whom we are honoured to be associated with. In the present competitive global scenario, we provide you a platform to fulfill your most-cherished dreams and hopes. Our efforts at excelling in all our courses have not gone to the winds. Our focus on continuous development, emphasizing quality teaching and sense of belongingness of the qualified and experience faculty has brought laurels to our credit. Self-reliance and self-sufficiency are the Hall Marks of our education system. To carve a nitch in your ambitious plans is our commitment. I am sure, the candidate / student aspiring to seek admission in our prestigious Institutions are bound to meet success. I wish you all bright and prosperous future.

Naveen Gupta

The academic ambience prompts the release of mental, supra-mental and physical energy. We here symbolize the dynamism and human values among students. We have spared no pains to make quality the hallmark of IEC. All these help to instill professionalism in the students to emerge as winners. It gives me greatest pleasure to welcome you all to the IEC Group of Institutions. As you all know, India is in an advantageous position because of its substantial youthful population. They are expected to provide skillful manpower to the fast growing economy in future. However, this advantage is going to pay off only if India’s young people are transformed into skilled manpower catering to the swift-growing economy in the coming days. They will gain demographic dividend only if we provide them good education. Educational Institutions are centers of excellence and become means of empowerment of millions. IEC Group of Institutions is located in Greater Noida, the meticulously planned city that shows the most modern face of resurgent Indian. Its proximity to Delhi, the capital of the country and connectivity through express highways make it as most congenial place for pursuing technical education. It has been established with the aim of providing quality higher education. It persistently and consistently seeks and adopts innovative methods to improve quality of higher education. It is maintaining strong interactions with industries to have first hand information of their needs and current market trends. The academic ambience prompts the release of mental, supra-mental and physical energy. We here symbolize the dynamism and human values among students. We have spared no pains to make quality the hallmark of IEC. All these help to instill professionalism in the students to emerge as winners Our efforts have proved fruitful and I am proud to say that our Institutions now attract students from a wide spectrum of nationalities. Students from many nationalities, different racial, ethnic and linguistic groups rub shoulders with each other making the campus most pluralistic and variegated in the country. They enrich the academic ambience, by contributing something unique and innovative to the synergy of the Institutions. At last, the only secret of life is to be ready for the opportunity when it comes, because, many a time, opportunity may come by chance but readiness for opportunity comes by preparation on daily basis. We look forward to welcoming you to the academic community at IEC.

Prof. Bhanu P. S. Sagar

At the very onset, I on behalf of IEC Group of Institutions welcome all the students who have sought the admission here and have set trends and milestones. In this age of Globalization and liberalization, we need a strong base of well qualified and employable candidates to pace up with the competitive scenario. To make each and every student of our institution compatible with the modern trends, we provide them with skilled and talented faculty along with latest sophisticated educational facilities. At IEC, thrust is given on activities like personality development, industry exposure and enhancement of communication skills for the overall development of the students. Our campus provides students with the opportunities to gain and use knowledge to build successful lives and careers, and become an integral part of the community. With the sincere efforts of our dynamic management, our Institute is now positioned to serve better and connect with local, national and international communities. We continue to strive to meet our mission to mould youth into world-class technocrats of tomorrow who would endeavor to increase the quality of life for human kind. I am confident that our students would be an asset not only to the organization but to the nation as a whole through their technical and managerial capabilities. I take this opportunity to extend my heartiest wishes to all students to achieve success in campus and future career initiatives.
Prof. Sunil Kumar (Director Academics)